We focus on high-level financial planning and fiduciary investment management.

Westmount Wealth Group

The Westmount Wealth Group is a boutique practice focusing on high-level financial planning and fiduciary investment management.

Our team members are financial professionals with different areas of specialization including investments, insurance, tax planning, retirement income planning and estate planning.





Invest Like
A Pension Plan

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So you’re getting advice on the various areas of your financial life, but are you the one putting it all together? We simplify your financial needs by providing access to many disciplines under one roof. 

* Provided by referral ** Insurance products provided through PPI

* Provided by referral
** Insurance products provided through PPI


A team approach to
managing your wealth.

Our dedicated advisors are experienced in coordinating many services for each client:

  • Investments

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Charitable Giving

  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

  • Insurance**

  • Tax Strategies*

  • Mortgages* & Lending

    *Tax Preparation & Mortgages provided by referral


Be Independent

Only a small percentage of Canadian investment advisors are independent from big banks. We think this is important.

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We stand out in a landscape where most wealth management is influenced by shareholder interests.

  • We are owner operators, not employees, and our compensation is directly tied to your results.

  • We bring you the best of what’s available instead of being limited or incentivized to sell one company’s products and services.

  • We have the freedom to refer you to our external network of professionals with a track record of providing sound advice.


Portfolio Manager vs. Investment Advisor


Why work with a Portfolio Manager instead of an Investment Advisor?

  1. Portfolio Managers are fiduciaries who are legally-bound to a duty of care, honesty and good faith. A Portfolio Manager must always put their clients' interests first; therefore, investment decisions must be independent and free from conflict.

  2. Portfolio Managers are nimble. A Portfolio Manager can make timely responses to unexpected market events.

  3. Portfolio Managers can execute trades for all accounts at the same time, ensuring equal opportunity for all clients.

  4. A Portfolio Manager is the highest level of certification an Investment Advisor can attain in Canada. To be considered for the registration you need:


Invest Like a Pension Plan


Our portfolios are deliberately diversified beyond traditional equities and fixed income to minimize the effects of volatility.

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A Different Approach to Investment Management

Traditional investment portfolios consist of two asset classes: stocks (equities) and bonds (fixed-income).

In the past, stocks and bonds tended to move in opposite directions.  We call this negative correlation. When stocks lost value, bonds typically gained in value, and vice versa; this helped offset losses and protect portfolios. 

Increasingly we see stock and bond values move together. We call this positive correlation; which increases volatility and is ultimately bad for a portfolio. The traditional stock/bond portfolio no longer provides the safety and returns it did a generation ago.