Financial Investment Planning and Fiduciary Investment Portfolio Managers

Westmount Wealth Group

Our team members are financial professionals with different areas of specialization including investments, insurance, tax planning, retirement income planning and estate planning.  



What Makes Us Different?

1.  Service by a Team

In contrast to advisors who operate as 'jack of all trades,' we employ an approach where each client is serviced by a team of specialized professionals all coordinated by one central advisor.  

2.  Independently Owned and Operated

As independent professionals, we select only the products and services that are most suitable for our clients.  We serve your needs, not shareholders.  

3.  Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers are fiduciaries who are legally bound to a duty of care, honesty and good faith.  A Portfolio Manager must always put their clients' interests first; therefore, investment decisions must be independent and free from conflict.


Financial Investment Planning and Fiduciary Investment Portfolio Managers

Our Belief System

  • We are all fixated on investment returns because they are easily quantifiable and comparable to others. Although important, they aren't the most influential component of your financial picture

  • Focus on what you can control (like savings/withdrawal rates, diversification, rebalancing, investment strategy). The markets cannot be controlled, timed, or tamed.

  • Find a financial advisor and invest the time getting to know each other. They should understand your needs and concerns and help you make better decisions to achieve your goals.

  • A resourceful advisor, armed with a team of like-minded professionals, will provide incalculable value and guidance to you and your wealth over the long term.



Our Investment Philosophy


At Westmount Wealth Group we

  • Look for quality investments that produce stable income

  • Invest in non-traditional investments - like pension funds - to reduce swings in the portfolio value

  • Act tactically to capitalize on opportunity without trying to time the market

  • Work hard to keep costs low

  • Understand that markets are random in the short term, cyclical in the medium term, and trending in long term



We Invest Alongside You

As a Canadian investor you should always ask to see your advisor’s investment portfolio.  If they are not invested in the same investments they are recommending you should ask yourselves why. Advisors at the Westmount Wealth Group invest 100% of their savings in our model portfolios.

Financial Investment Planning and Fiduciary Investment Portfolio Managers